We’re on a mission to make our city more lovable, through bold ideas and intentional hospitality

Shaping the landscape, bit by brazen bit

As a bold and motley bunch, we have a tendency to push the envelope, rock the boat, poke the bear… and that has helped us to create plenty of amazing everyday experiences—whether in Singapore’s first ever rooftop bar, or a fine dining restaurant that put our city on the global culinary stage. Or in a boutique 37-room hotel casting a powerful spotlight on local culture. Or even a humble Italian restaurant bringing life to our favourite East Coast Park.

Every new venue is our way of intentionally adding to the lifestyle landscape on this tiny red dot we call home.

Join Us

We’re always looking for individuals who share our obsession for hospitality. Our business has always been to take care of others, so it goes without saying that we prioritise our people first—growth, opportunities, network and all.