“Great venues bring people together and bring out the best of a city—its people, their stories and culture.”

Our story begins with a boy on a roof, who fell in love with his city. He wanted so much to create places that would add to the wonder of this city, that he found a tribe of incredibly talented people who shared this north star. One became twenty, twenty became a hundred… Now there are more than 400 of us, constantly finding new ways to make our city more lovable—from hospitality to placemaking and investments. Over the years, we’ve grown an international network of culinary connections, forged over passion. We’ve made sure that our local creatives will always find a platform with us. We’ve found exceptional ways to safeguard pieces of our heritage and architectural history. And perhaps most importantly, we’ve found ways to extend our hospitality to our people and various communities in Singapore.


Hospitality with Open Arms

We believe that amazing guest experiences always begin with us first treating our people right; guests, partners or coworkers, we’ll welcome all with hearts on our sleeves, with open arms.

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Our Values

Over the years, we’ve grown into several values that help us to uphold the highest standards—in what we do and how we conduct ourselves.

Be Kind, Be Firm

When the going gets tough, we’ve learnt to always look at any situation with empathy and kindness first, though never without firmness.

Bolder, Better

We’re great advocates of everyday magic. But for truly magical moments to happen, we believe that good enough is simply not good enough.

Own It, Fix It

Trust is an invaluable currency, especially in our business. So if something is placed under our care, we’ll do whatever it takes to give it the best care.


The Lo & Behold Group is meticulous in grooming the next generation of hospitality leaders, through structured and considered programmes.