We operate like one big close-knit, wacky family that works really hard but plays even harder as one. We take the time to get to know our people as individuals in order to tailor career paths based on their personality, interests and strengths. We have a deep faith in our people, so we arm them with the necessary know-how and create opportunities that stretch them, making their years with us not only fun, but also incredibly fulfilling. We term this a "LAB-er's stretch potential."


Our employee initiatives are planned
against 3 core themes in mind:





ideaLAB - As a company we look at feedback as an opportunity to improve and believe this can come from many sources, including our most junior staff. Every month, junior to mid-level representatives from every outlet/department are invited to an open discussion from our COO.

After five consecutive years of service, employees are entitled to a month of sabbatical leave.

On an employee's first day at work, he or she has a dining experience at the outlet where they will be working. This not only welcomes them to the family, it allows them to immerse themselves in the customer experience so identifying opportunities to delight comes naturally.

“Walk The Talk Day” is the day senior managers in the company trade in their laptops and desk jobs to feel the ground, filling roles in either the front-of-house or the back-of -house.




‘Catch Me Doing Right’ is our company's employee recognition programme, but unlike regular 'Employee of the Month' programmes, the theme for each month differs and is based on our service credo, the P.A.S.S.I.O.N code. All successful nominees will be invited to have a meal with Senior Management at one of Singapore’s top dining establishments.

‘At Your Service’ is another incentive programme, which turns the industry's greatest bugbear, the 10% service charge into a motivational lever. Whenever daily targets are met, we direct the 10% service charge to the employees in the form of variable bonuses, personal development and recreational activities.




At The Lo & Behold Group, daily briefings, called "Awesome Rallies", are conducted for staff at all our establishments to share tips and insights. This spirit of communal learning helps to ensure that good practices are disseminated amongst the group.

The group has a long-term strategy for promoting from within, which is why we encourage employees to work in a variety of outlets as part of their career progression plan and send them for courses both within Singapore and abroad to build their skills.

Magic Moments is a tool kit brimming with ideas for delighting our guests. The best ideas submitted by each outlet are collated and shared across all outlets to elevate the level of service across all.

Employees going on personal holidays enjoy a yearly 'experiential allowance' to savour some of the world's best F&B establishments so they might be able to learn and implement these best practices at home.



We’re on the lookout for LAB-ers to join our family, those with great stretch potential and distinctive personalities.

Our hope is for our people to become the next generation of successful restauranteurs, renowned chefs, influential marketers, prominent creatives and acclaimed hospitality leaders of tomorrow. If you have a passion for the industry, with a hunger to learn and an innate desire to make someone's day, write to us. We'd love to hear from you.