A Creative Cluster for Singapore, Coming Q2 2024

In a world where curiosity might kill the cat, this is where new worlds are born from a simple question: what if?

A new lifestyle development, carrying on the spirit of this former school’s legacy—soon to be home for some of the best talents and creative entrepreneurs from Singapore and beyond. Dining, retail, arts, culture, entertainment, wellness and enrichment: this is an ever-evolving destination for those with a curious mind.

Our Partners

The refurbishment of this new development is led by our JV partner Sunray Group Holdings. With the support of our designers and specialists—FARM (Architecture), This Humid House (Landscaping), OMFGCO (Branding), Wistec (Engineering), SWITCH (Lighting), Playpoint (Playground)—as well as our creative consultant Nice Projects, we’re building a home and a sanctuary for passion and exploration.

In curious company

Eat & Drink




For interested tenants and partners, please register your details and our team will be in touch.

46 Kim Yam Road Singapore 239351