The Ultimate All-American Diner


Besides bringing about an archetypal stateside experience to shore, OverEasy is driven by timeless recipes, quality ingredients and a warm personality. With a cheeky irreverence, it serves diner classics, nostalgic favourites, decadent milkshakes and American-inspired cocktails. 

The first outpost, OverEasy Fullerton (2009) is located by the bay, boasting sweeping views of the Marina Bay skyline. The interior reflects a modern interpretation of the classic American diner, heavily influenced by the edgy, vibrant spirit of the 1960s and ‘70s, injecting life into the business district with a convivial atmosphere.


“To-Die-For Burger, Singapore’s Best Burgers”
— Time Out Magazine
“5 Best Mac & Cheeses in Singapore”
— Lifestyle Asia

We like a little Southern hospitality. Planning a party? We'll bring the pie. Canapé platters or donut hole eating competitions, mi casa su casa forever and always. Perfect for networking events, after-parties, company get-togethers and everything in between. 

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         A     1 Fullerton #01-06
                Singapore 049213

              T    +65 6423 0701
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