The Ultimate American Diner


Besides bringing about an archetypal stateside experience to shore, OverEasy is driven by timeless recipes, quality ingredients and a warm personality. With a cheeky irreverence, it serves diner classics, nostalgic favourites, decadent milkshakes and American-inspired cocktails.

The second outpost, OverEasy Orchard (2015) at Liat Towers reinvigorates a once vibrant shopping belt with its lively ambience. It stands out with its trademark moxie and interiors inspired by the iconic 1980s Memphis design movement. Paying homage to American culture, OverEasy Orchard is housed within a space once occupied by Singapore's first McDonald's, continuing the story of an iconic destination.


To-Die-For Burger, Singapore’s Best Burgers
— Time Out Magazine
5 Best Mac & Cheese in Singapore
— Lifestyle Asia

We like a little Southern hospitality. Planning a party? We'll bring the pie. Canapé platters or donut hole eating competitions, mi casa su casa forever and always. Perfect for networking events, after-parties, company get-togethers and everything in between. 

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         A     541 Orchard Road #01-01
                Liat Towers
                Singapore 238881

         T    +65 6423 0701
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